4 Roof maintenance tips from Coventry Roofers

roof cleaning coventry

We have stated many times in our blogs that the roof to your house is one of the most important structural elements. If left unprotected your house will be exposed to all forms of weather and nature including birds, insects and rodents.

Having said this there are still many people who don’t realise the importance of maintaining your roof.

Roofing can be expensive and can cost thousands pounds to have a new roof installation, so the best way to save money in the long run is to maintain it.

It is a given that every roof should be made from the highest quality materials whilst being designed and built to last many years, we can all agree on that right? But what things can we do to maintain our roof and increase its lifespan?

Coventry Roofers have listed a few great ways you can take preventative measures to keep your roof in tiptop condition.

1. Remove any debris

roof debris

Any loose debris that is on your roof will eventually end up in your gutters, this can cause many issues such as water blockage, and over time can cause damage to you guttering, leaks around your roof due to standing water and also damp patches on walls.

2. Roof Inspections

Its generally a great idea to start regularly having your roof inspected, some people might not be comfortable with doing that inspection themselves, due to safety concerns and not being entirely sure what they are looking for, this is where one of Coventry Roofers professional roofers can come out and help. The kind of things we would be looking out for would be:

  • Cracked or broken tiles
  • Missing tiles
  • Holes in felt (this can be checked internally via the attic)
  • Water stains on the ceiling on the top floor of your property
  • Weak/loose or missing mortar

If any of the above issues is found one of our team will quote you based on the job required.  Small jobs can be carried out there and then (tile replacement) or within one day.

3. Cut tree branches back

roof damaged by branches

If you live where you have trees over looking your house ensure that the branches are cut back and not growing over the roof of the house. Tree branches can cause major damage. We have been called out many times after a spell of bad weather and more often than not it is due to a broken branch, which has cracked a tile, or in extreme cases cause structural damage to the roof. This simple process of cutting back branches can lead to very expensive repairs, so stay on top!

4. Keep the Mould Away

I’m pretty sure that everyone has seen a roof that looks a tad bit green, well that’s not a good thing, Certain weather conditions and poor quality un-breathable felt can cause humidity which can lead to mould and moss growth. The issue with this is that it will eventually weaken the tiles/slates that the growth has occurred on.

If you need any help with the above roofing maintenance tips get in contact with Coventry Roofers today, lets help maintain the life of your roof!