5 Great Benefits of EPDM Roofing

Flat roof Coventry, EPDM rubber roof

More and more homeowners are selecting EPDM roofing as a roof replacement around the world. There are many reasons that this roof, made from rubber materials, is selected over other options – particularly so when it comes to sheds, garages and other flat roofs. We discuss the key features that make this type of roofing so desirable below.

Affordable and cost effective roofing material:

This type of roofing is more affordable than traditional roofing and therefore it is becoming the more preferred choice. In particular, when repairing smaller building structures such as your garage or roof, you are probably not willing to break the bank. The bonus with EPDM roofing is that you would be investing in a product that will also last many years compared to other roofing options. EPDM roofing is therefore a great solution as it is reliable and cost effective, ensuring that the money you put in goes a long way.

A long lasting investment:

Not only will you be investing in a roof structure that will cost you less than other types, but EPDM can last approximately 50 years. You can therefore have the assurance that your money is well spent, and not have to worry about harsh weather conditions affecting your roofing membrane. Whether it’s a series of cold, icy winters or heatwaves in the summers, you can relax knowing that your roof is protected year on year.

epdm rubber roof in coventry

Very little maintenance required:

It is recommended that you inspect your EPDM roofing every now and then to ensure there is no damage, for example from particularly harsh weather conditions. When doing so you should remove any debris to keep it tidy. Although it is long lasting, this is still recommended as with any aspect of your home. One of the main benefits of EPDM roofing is that if there is a repair or replacement needed, rather than having to get the whole roof replaced you can simply cut out the damaged area and replace that part alone. You will save time and energy as well as costs as you will not have to worry about other roofing materials.

Durability to extreme conditions:

Another reason that EPDM roofing is so desirable is due to its ability to handle all types of climates. This is a huge benefit as it withstands both hot and cold climates, and is not easily affected by UV rays and harsh hail. As a result, it is a great choice for roofing purposes. Not only is it affordable for homeowners, it will also keep homes safer for longer and therefore one less thing to worry about!

Installation is easy as 123:

The installation process of EPDM roofing is easier than other types of roofing due to the weight of the material and the fact it is easy to manoeuvre. It can be installed as one sheet which can further reduce the chances of any leaks.

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