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If your chimney has seen better days don’t worry we are her to help. We have an expert team who can get your chimney looking just like new effortlessly.

As you can imagine your chimney will have been through some of the toughest conditions, with the kind of weather we experience. The bricks to your house are largely protected by the roof but the poor old chimney will be exposed to everything including snow, rain and hail so its no surprise that damage occurs over time.

We usually come across 2 kinds of chimney repairs:

Partial chimney rebuilds – This usually applies to smaller chimneys where no scaffolding is required. In most cases this job can be completed within a day. The repair work usually entails reconstructing parts of the brick work and ensuring overall stability of the chimney structure.

Total chimney rebuilds – As you can guess a total chimney rebuild is exactly that. We would begin by setting up scaffolding and tearing down the old chimney and disposing of the old brickwork and crown. After securing the area and setting the foundations we would complete the full chimney rebuild.

Chimney Repair Coventry - How to know if you may need a chimney repair?

Chimneys come in all different shapes and sizes so it can often be difficult to tell if you need a chimney repair. We have listed below a few things to look out for with your chimney:

  • Chimney leaning to one side
  • Broken bricks
  • Loose bricks sticking out
  • Gaps between the bricks
  • Broken, missing or crooked chimney pots
  • Damp patches on walls, ceilings, and chimney breasts

All of these issues can cause long term and expensive repairs throughout your house, so it is important that if you see any of these issues you that you contact a chimney repair specialist like us.

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