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Do you need a new flat roof? or require a flat roof repair in coventry?

We are a local flat roof Coventry based company who install all variations of flat roofs, specialising in EPDM rubber roofs and felt roofing, both of which can provide excellent protection for many years. 

At Coventry Roofers we make sure that the quality of our flat roof installation is impeccable. Our skilled roofers have years of industry know how and only use the most reliable materials for the job.

We also some of the most reliable flat roof repairs Coventry has to offer. We make sure our repair service is done to last.

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Flat roof repair coventry
Flat rubber roof coventry

why use a flat roof?

They have some great benefits...

Having a flat roof has many different advantages, its durable, strong and can last many years, but why might you chose it over a pitched roof? We have listed some things you may want to consider…

  • One of the key things is that a flat roof is cheaper to build than a pitched roof, there is less use of materials and the materials used are generally cheaper.
  • Secondly it is much quicker to install. For example if you need a new flat roof installed over your worn out leaking  garage roof, in most cases we would be able to get the job done within a day or two. 
  • The third point to consider is that they are extremely easy to maintain, they are much safer than cleaning a pitched roof. 
  • When it comes to repairs flat roofs have the advantage when trying to locate leaks and any other issues as they are easier to locate on an even surface. 

EPDM Rubber Roof - Flat Roof coventry

Rubber roofs are strong and resilient, rest assured this material is made to last. Its life expectancy is 50 years when maintained correctly. Not only that but it is extremely eco friendly.

It’s ideal for extensions, garages, porches, garden sheds, dormer roofs, with either a warm deck or cold deck design.

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Felt Roof - Flat Roof Coventry

The more traditional roofing material is felt, but thats doesn’t mean to say it hasn’t had its far share of design modifications over the years. The modified bitumen felt is the cheapest material available and its life expectancy is approximately 10 years.

It too can be used for extensions, garages, porches, garden sheds, dormer roofs, with either a warm deck or cold deck design.

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