How much does it cost to replace a roof?

how much does it cost to replace a roof

One of the most common questions we get asked is how much does it cost to replace a roof? This is not an easy question to answer as there are many factors to consider.


large roof in coventry

One of the key points to consider is the size of your roof, obviously the bigger the roof the more material is required, the labour costs also increase and ultimately so does the price.

concrete tiles

The choice of tiles is also an important factor. Most houses within the UK have concrete tiles, but there is also the option of clay, slate and composite tiles. Travis Perkins have a great range of tiles, be sure to check out the cost of some of these tiles.  Coventry Roofers professional team can help you come to a decision when deciding what tiling option is best suited for your home.


Structure of the roof is also something that is taken into consideration a roof where there is many different levels, pitches and apex’s will also require more labour and resources. Whereas a flat roof in general will not require as much resources.


roofing structure in coventry

The cost for the professional workmanship is also needed to be considered, smaller jobs may only need a couple of the team to complete the job but a large roof may require 4-5 members to be allocated. Scaffolding will also need to be added into any roof replacement job.

Chimney work

In many situations when replacing a roof, the chimney will also need additional work to be done whether that is a small patch up work or a complete rebuild. This can only be determined by a full roof inspection

Fascia’s, soffits and guttering

Very rarely do we install or fit a new roof without also replacing the soffits, fascia’s and guttering they are also an extremely important aspect of maintaining the life of your roof and also protect the home from leaks.

Other Materials

Replacing a roof isn’t just about the tiles and fittings around it, we also have to factor in the mortar, wood and breathable felt for the job. As most roofs are at least 20+ years old the materials under the roof will have occurred damage or weathering over the years. Also as time progresses new technology is introduced to the roofing industry so we ensure all our jobs are quoted with the best and most up to date materials which are built to last.

how much does a roof cost

I know what you are thinking you haven’t answered the question! Well an average size property (3 bed semi-detached) in Coventry it would cost approximately £5000 give or take. But if you are after a free and more accurate quote then get in contact with Coventry Roofers today, and remember all our new roof replacement jobs come with a 10-year guarantee as standard.