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We specialise in all kinds of roofing repairs

If you’re looking for a company who is reliable and trustworthy to undertake your roof repair then don’t look any further than Coventry Roofers.

No one wants a leaking roof, not only will it damage your house and roof structure, it can also be costly if not repaired as quick as possible. Coventry Roofers ensure that you receive the best service and care your roof deserves, whilst maintaining a competitive price.

All of our roofing repairs are done with the best attention to detail so that the job is done to last.

We repair all types of roofs including pitched, flat, conservatory, garage, porch and sheds.

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Roof repairs Coventry required
Roof repairs Coventry

Roof repairs in Coventry made easy

Why use coventry roofers repair service...

We have built up years of experience within the roofing industry and one of the main jobs we carry out is roofing repairs in Coventry. No matter how big or small the repair job is we will ensure that the job is done using the best material along with the correct method. This is why we have many referred clients from our previous satisfied customers.

We will not pressure you to fork out for a new roof if we believe we can save your current roof for a few more years. Coventry Roofers provide informative details about the current condition of your roof, including where the issue is, what may have caused it, along with how we would tackle the roof repairs.

Our number one goal is to keep a loyal and satisfied customer base, and its why we have comments such as ‘the only trustworthy and honest roof repairs Coventry homeowners need’

Flat roof repair Coventry

As well as repairing pitched roofs we also have a dedicated team for flat roof repairs in Coventry, which specialise in EPDM rubber roofs and felt roofs.

Locating flat roof repairs is easier than those of a pitched roof, which can allow us to complete the job much quicker. Usually it is the edges or where the flat roof meets the wall where issues may occur, due to general wear and tear over the years.

Flat roof repair materials are also cheaper, which means the cost of roof repair is less for you to.

If you have noticed an issue with your roof and are in need of a flat roof repair in Coventry or require a new flat roof get in touch with us asap.

We typically undertake the following roof repairs

The roof repairs we undertake involve pitched roofs, flat roofs, conservatory roofs, garage roofs, porches, and shed roofs. Majority of the time the list below are the reasons why the roof requires repairs:

Broken tiles – replace broken or missing tiles.

Damaged felt – replace the felt with new felt.

Moved or missing ridge tiles – repoint the ridges with new tiles.

Chimney damage – repoint chimney remove damaged bricks.

Damaged lead or flashing – reinstall new lead/flashing ensuring it’s watertight.

Leaking roof – this could be caused by any of the above issues, contact us now to help us repair your roof.

Emergency roof repairS Coventry

We understand that when a leak occurs you need someone who can sort the roof repairs out urgently, thats why we offer an emergency roof repair line.

Call our roofing emergency line for a FREE quote today!

Alternatively you can fill out our request a FREE quote form and we will contact you back within 24 hours. Mention ‘urgent roof repairs Coventry’ in the message field and we will endeavour to call you back within the hour.

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Roof repairs Coventry Emergency line - 24/7