The Importance of Replacing Existing Fascia And Soffits

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The use of UPVC fascia and soffit boards has become the norm when replacing an existing roof. They are a popular choice due to their capability to last longer than traditional materials, in some cases even a lifetime.

what is fascias and soffits

Installation of a new gutter system involves the removal of the existing timber roofline, after taking out the first row of roof tiles. This replacement process saves both time and money. While this method is often a homeowner’s selection, other methods that aren’t as effective are also considered due to their low costs – the lack of roofing related knowledge leads to such decisions. An example of another method that is sometimes chosen is known as over capping.


What is Capping?

Another term that you may have come across for capping is over cladding. When using this method, new UPVC plastic is fixed on a roof where the original boards stay in place, and the roof edge is then constructed. The main reasons why some homeowners tend to go for this method is because of the cost and time taken to complete the job. If using this method rather than removing the old timber, less time is required as you are not having to carry out he task of removing the timber. The cost is reduced is UPVC plastic fascia boards are thinner sheets and therefore are cheaper to buy.

Why capping should be discouraged

This may be the cheaper and quicker fix, which appears to do the job, but it may not fix the underlying issue which is that the old boards need replacing. Some may choose to paint the old boards but this will not fix the issue if replacement is required. If you decide not to replace and fix the thin cap board to an old, withering board you are risking a potential disaster. Also, if you seal a board, which is rotting and needs replacing the condition will deteriorate quicker, leading to a potential problem.

Over cladding can also lead to further issues such as the finished result not looking ideal. It can also lead to an issue with the gutters not working as they should. If this happens, there is a risk of a leakage, which will mean further problems and more potential cost.

Another issue to consider is the position of your windows. Sometimes the frames are only millimetres below the actual roofline. If this is the case, if you use over cladding the existing boards, which have not been removed, can obstruct the window and not allow it to open fully.

A major benefit of UPVC products is that the design ensures it will last for many years, and often the manufacturer of this product will offer a guarantee of a minimum of ten years.

When deciding which of the above options is best for you, it is highly recommended that both the fascia and soffits should carefully be inspected to then decide whether you will be keeping the old boards or replacing them with new ones.

Improve the value of your homeUPVC fascias and soffits

Ultimately anyway you can prolong and future proof your roof and its fittings will help improve the value of your home. Forbes have written about this as a home buying warning sign previously.

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