When to replace your roof

when to replace your roof

Roof maintenance is not something that we all constantly remind ourselves of. With busy lives, it is often something that may be overlooked as it is assumed that provided there are no leaks, it must be fine. It is not easy to know when your roof needs replacing. However, if you remember to check your roof for certain warning signs, you may be able to prevent a bigger issue down the line, which can be both dangerous, expensive and a huge disturbance to your life.

It is recommended that you check your roof at least twice a year. This should be done once during spring and once during autumn – as a minimum. It is highly recommended that you keep an eye on your roof throughout the year, and regular checks should ensure you spot any damage early and before incurring the trouble and expense of fixing a damaged roof that could have been avoided.

There are a few warning signs that your roof needs replacing that you should look out for. Although some signs are only visible from the roof, there are signs that you could look out for from the ground too.  The most common warning signs that your roof is in need of repair are listed in detail below.

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Roof Leaks

There are many reasons for water to leak into your property, and should you notice a leak you should inspect the roof to find out the root of the issue. A leak could be caused by missing roof shingles, blocked gutters and sometimes poor insulation as well.

Signs of a leaking roof can include the obvious, which is a puddle in your attic, but also a watermark on your ceiling or evidence of mould or mildew. Remember, it is better to fix a problem early therefore if you spot a small watermark, it may not be causing a big issue but it could form into a bigger problem including structural damage, mould or rotted framing.

With regards to your attic, in order to determine if water is getting in look out for the sound or dripping water, any leaks or dark streaks. Should you notice any of these, you should get in touch with a professional, as these are signs of water damage to your home. A professional can evaluate the issue early and potentially save you a costly repair.

Curling, damaged or missing shingles/tiles

Whilst examining the outside of your roof, you need to look out for any curled, damaged or missing shingles. If so, there is a high chance you need to repair or replace your roof. 

Curled up shingles

This can occur in two ways: clawing up or cupping. Clawing up is when the edges of the shingles stay flat and the middle comes up. Cupping is when the edges turn up.

Missing shingles/tiles

You should consider replacing your roof if more than two shingles/tiles are missing. Also, if you notice granules missing and therefore have bald spots in your roof, this could result in a leak further down the line.

Cracked or damaged shingles/tiles

Wind can damage shingles and tiles by leaving dents or cracks. If you notice any shingles with any damage, you may be able to replace them. However, if you have quite a few damaged shingles your roof may need replacing.


This can occur on the exterior or interior of your roof and is a classic sign that you should replace your roof. Remember, you may still have an issue if there is no sagging from the outside – you should also check the inside for sagging or rotting.

Any structural damage to your roof needs to be rectified early as it could lead to your roof collapsing. This is the reason that a roofing professional needs to be contacted straight away should you notice sagging. Look at the top of your roof and ensure there is a straight line along the ridge. If this is not the case, and you notice a sag or saddleback, there may be structural damage. This could be due to decking within the attic or the foundation supports and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Further reasons for your roof sagging include adverse weather conditions such as the weight of snow, rain and ice, as well as continuous exposure to moisture and large amounts of water. There could also be an issue with the installation that may not have been done properly, and the materials used could have been faulty.

Light coming in through your roof

This is a strong indication that you may need a roof replacement soon. You should examine your attic for rays of light, which shine through the roof into the attic. The best way to carry out this check is on a very bright day with no lights on in a dark attic. If you notice streams of light coming into your attic is indicates a crack or hole within your roof.

This creates an issue as a crack or hole in your roof leads to cold air, rain and snow entering your attic. If the crack is small and caught before it gets worse, that small area can sometimes be fixed. However, if the hole in question is larger and possibly older, it may mean that the whole roof needs replacing. It is for this reason that you should contact a professional to examine the damaged area and advise further.


Regardless of the quality of your roof, it will eventually need replacing due to its age. Most roofs in the UK use shingles and tiles, which have many benefits including durability and longevity. As a general idea, it is recommended that you should have your roof inspected by a professional if it is 15 or more years old. You should also keep an eye out for any neighbours who are replacing their roofs particularly if your own house was built at around the same time. This is because it is likely the same materials will have been used and the roofs will have gone through the same conditions.

If you have noticed any of the above issues we suggest that you get in contact with a team of professional roofers in Coventry, they will ensure any of the above issues are rectified and will advise on how to maintain your roof for years to come.

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