Why do i have damp patches on my walls?

damp due to roof leaking

Have you noticed damp patches on your walls? One of the main reasons behind this can be caused by a leak from your roof or faulty guttering. This type of damp is known as penetrating damp, which has the capabilities of expanding across your walls and ceilings, it usually expands horizontally and can go right across a wall in some cases. This can cause damage to the wall plaster and also your health if left untreated for a long period of time.roof inspection in coventry

Recently we were called out to a customer’s house that had noticed large damp patches in 2 bedrooms that both had a wall located to the alleyway. Whilst inspecting the roof we noticed that the chimney and the surrounding tiles at the gable end of the house had significant wear and tear and was the root cause of excessive water leakage down the cavity wall, thus causing the damp patches throughout the 2 bedrooms. 

We advised the customer of where the exact issues was occurring and gave them options on how they could stop the leak. They decided on a full re-roof as the roof had been fitted well over 20 years ago. Along with the re-roof we removed the chimney that was no longer in use to prevent any issues in the future regarding water leaks and broken lead.

new roof fitted in coventry

The customer has since reported that there have been no signs of damp and has improved their quality of sleep.

Of course there are many ways damp can occur throughout a house but if its located near any guttering or at the top of the house its most likely going to be penetrating damp from a roofing issue.

If you have any problems that are stated in this article regarding damp within the house or other roofing concerns then get in touch with the most reliable roofers Coventry provides for a free quote today.  Don’t let damp cause further issues in the long run!