Why is Lead Roof Flashing Important?

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Lead roof flashing is an extremely important component, it is one of the most fundamental materials that will prevent leaks and is an excellent way to provide waterproof protection. Therefore it’s one of the areas that us roofers tend to spend most of our time. If left without regular maintenance and poor installation it can become damaged and come away from its surface.

There are a few different materials that can be used for flashing, including copper but the most common is lead. The reason for this is that it provides great durability, strength and has an unbelievable lifespan of approximately 500 years! It is therefore no surprise that the standard choice for roofing material is lead sheeting, and this has been the case for hundreds of years. The main reason for this is its ability to offer waterproof protection, and lead roof flashing also has the potential to get rid of damage caused due to water. Different types of building structures find this a very important factor including industrial, commercial and residential. Historically, lead was not considered to be the most affordable choice of roof flashing and therefore people would go with alternative options to lead such as copper flashing. However, as times have progressed and due to the technology we have today, more people are able to choose lead as an affordable type of roof flashing.

Key Benefits

If you want to be confident that your roof is protected from all types of weather conditions, lead roof flashing is a great option. It also will increase the lifespan of your roof by years. Apart from the great weather protection it affords, there are other reasons why you should instil high quality lead roof flashing within your home. These reasons include:

  • lead is a 100% recyclable material
  • visually attractive and sleek finish
  • great durability and easy to work with
  • an incredible lifespan (some types have a lifespan of over 500 years)
  • adverse weather conditions do not affect its installation
  • can be applied to different types of structures
Where is it used?

Lead roof flashing is typically used wherever there are 2 joining surfaces. You could refer to it as the silicone of the roofing industry. The most common areas it is used is around the chimney, roof apex, home extensions where the roof is joining on to the main structure of the house.

Do I need to use lead roof flashing?

The short answer would be yes, because if you don’t use lead flashing you lose out on all the benefits mentioned above and will ultimately result in high roof maintenance costs.

RSL Lead Flashing

If you are looking for an excellent choice for roofing material, then Milled Lead flashing may be the answer. Its great benefits include the fact that it is super durable, and can be used in various types of building structures. This material offers an incredible level of waterproof protection which ensures the structure is protected from leaks and damage from water.  It also has a lifespan that is much higher than other types of roof flashing, and therefore promises years of weather durable material.

Let the professionals take care of it

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